The Peel Out - Canoe Slalom Technique

The Peel Out technique used in Canoe Slalom where we treat a downstream gate as an upstream around the far pole when there is flow going through the downstream gate making it hard to turn back upsteam and get enough movement accross to reach the next gate. By Peeling Out we can generate momentum before breaking out back into the flow in the best place to navigate the next gate sequence.

The Merano - Canoe Slalom Technique

The Merano is a technique used where an upstream gate has flow going through it or the eddy is not strong enough to break out behind on the nearside of the gate and we breakout above the gate where the eddy is stronger and do the turn on the far side of the gate instead to keep hold of the gate line. As we enter the eddy we ensure we continue our downstream momentum such that we carry enough speed to arrive downstream of the gate and spin the bows upstream and while trying to hold our hight in the gate line to keep the boat running through the gate.