Season ends - Winter Training Begins

The 2013 Slalom Season is now over and it’s time to reflect once again. It’s been a tough year going back to basics and refining my approach to racing. Over the Winter I will be working more on my form. I finished up 17th in the National ranking and although I hoped to have moved further up in the rankings I am pleased with the progress of my development. I will be starting the winter with a physical block while working to build up some finance to hopefully find myself on a flight to Dubai to get some exposure to white water similar to that of Lee Valley with the lack of access I face with not having a Wild Card for Selection yet.


 Mercedes Benz Vans UK chose me as a winner of their #NeedAVan competition and so took a trip to AdventureX HQ in Leeds to pick up my new Pyranha Burn III and some equipment to set me up for the winter. It was a great experience and a pleasure to be a part of with loads of room in the van for all my gear and plenty of room for comfort in the Cab.

With winter coming, it’s really strengthened my desire to return to Van life. If you’re looking for an efficient vehicle to transport goods in style, you should definitely consider the Mercedes Benz Range – I know I am!

 I will be heading over to the Kendal Film Festival next week with AdventureX and then straight over to North Wales for an Extreme Slalom Event. It will be the last event of the Year so I’m hoping to finish the year with a good result. Stay tuned for an update!