About Me

Kayaking has provided me with an incredible journey since I became a part of the paddling community. It all began in my home town when I attened the pool sessions with Warrington Canoe Club, and once I had mastered the basic skills I grew ever more hungry to push the boudaries of performance in the Olympic Discipline of Canoe Slalom.

Through hard work and commitment in my training I had a fun run of competing at international level, but finding the finances to persue the sport at eleite level prooved a difficult feat. With a number of circumstances in the family home also becoming a focus I had to put the sporting aspirations aside and in doing so I found myslef in the world of recreational paddling. 
As every keen paddler knows, once your hooked you can never stay out of a boat for too long and I found myself taking every spare opportunity to get out on the water. Different to Canoe Slalom but simular in so many ways, I found great joy finding the racing line through the local creeks over in Wales and soon after further afield.
With a huge thanks to AdventureX I have been blessed with so many opportunities to experience some of the most amazing places in the world and share them with some truely amazing people. It's an absolute honner to share my paddling knowledge with those on the kayak school adventures, and battle through some of the biggest white water the world has to offer in between.