Hi, I'm Anton Lippek, an AdventureX River Guide who also competes in the Olympic Discipline of Canoe Slalom and passionate about White Water Kayaking.

Kayaking is a unique activity that gives you the ability to experience some of the the most amazing locations the world has to offer. For me I feel I become part of the elements that surround me. It's almost feels like I become a water molecule being carried by the flow, energised by gravity but with the ability to control my direction, educing a powerful sense of freedom.

Training and competing in kayaking events allows one build on that freedom and it becomes a sense of control. The river is always the almighty and needs to respected for it, but fine tuning that control brings an unique feeling that keeps me addicted to the sport and inspires my passion for sharing the experience with others.

There are so many disciplines of canoeing and kayaking and its not for everyone, but I fully recommend checking it out for yourself. If it wasn't for a push from my Father I may never have discovered what now what my life revolves around.