A Day in North Wales

We had a spot of bad weather recently in the UK, causing havoc nationwide. This apparent chaos however, provides kayaking enthusiasts with an enhanced play ground. The rivers rise and increase in their intensity.  I got a call from Dave Janes, a fellow river guide who had the day off and fancied checking out some local rivers that were on the rise. There was a chilly wind so I was pretty glad to have my Nookie Venom Cag at hand to keep me warm and dry.

We had a couple of fun trips down the Winion Gorge which was at a high level. Its quite a fun little run which we couldn't resist to do back to back runs. We then headed over to the Gamlan, a more steep creeking tributary that runs into the Mawddach. It was at a good level making it an interesting run. It was good to meet some locals who were out for a walk who stopped to watch us kayaking and took some cool pictures of us. 

We then took a group of friends on for an easier run on the Eden to Lower Mawddach which made for some interesting rescues. It was good to see the guys had made so much progress over the short time they had been paddling for to attack the Eden as they did.

Before heading home we squeezed in a quick run of the Upper Mawddach through to the Lower section which was surprisingly not on full flow after so much rain but all still good fun.

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