Camel Log

I've been going through some images I captured this year and I thought I'd share with you a magical moment I experienced in Morocco after returning from a Rafting trip with AdevntureX

With a few spare days before my return Flight I headed to Essaouira on the west cost of Morocco. Its a beautiful place full of life much like Marrakesh but with less tourism. There is a great divide between rich and poor. The beach is famous for its ample wind supply making Essaouira a popular destination for windsurfing.  

I went for a run along the beach and noticed what looked like a sun bathing camel in the distance. The closer I got the stranger it began to look and I began thinking perhaps it may have gotten stuck in the sand. Turns out it was a log that had washed up on the beach but it really was a tease. Have a look for yourself.

On the evening I headed into the Medina which is much like a town center where most of the Citys trade takes place with a big emphasis on tourist souvenirs and trinkets

 Many buildings remain in amazing condition from historical events boasting a confident community. The divide between rich and poor is evident now with many modern buildings being erected and developed in specific areas exposing difficult living conditions in the less developed majority of the City. It will be interesting me to see how it develops over the next few years. 

Morocco is a beautiful country and if you get the chance to explore it, embrace the opportunity. AdventureX offer a number of adventure trips to Morocco which may tickle your fancy!