Happy New Year!

With 2014 under way, the AdventureX crew heading to the Tees to break in the New Year with a paddle. We had planned originally to head over to the Lakes as there had been a lot of recent rain so Levels were good. Unfortunately someone had pulled the plug and the rivers were almost dry but luckily there  was some heavy rain over night in the North East so we headed over the Hills and decided to run the High force to Winston Bridge.

The levels were High so we had some fun Playing on the Upper section to Low Force. It was a long run of 30k or so of paddling with many flat sections of river to push through.

By the Time we reached Barnard Castle we decided that we wouldn't make it to Winston Bridge without paddling in the Dark of the night and with the high water there was a good chance we would encounter fallen trees and it wasn't worth the risk.

We stowed our Kayaks by the Castle and headed to the town in our wet gear. It was easy enough to find the taxi rank and with thanks to our Nookie Paddling gear keeping our under layers dry we stowed our wet gear in the boot of a taxi and caught a ride back to the AdventureX Vito Wagon. The Rain was upon us so it was great to be able to just jump in the van and get changed while the weather turned outside.

In hindsight we made the right choice as we wouldn't of been back for a few hours more if we continued with the paddle and with the rain coming down heavy there was no natural light to have guided us down the river.

After the Long shuttle back to my car we headed back into the town of Barnard Castle for a burger and a beer with much discussion and planning for the coming your on the agenda.