The SJ4000 - GoPro Alternative for Kayaking

You may have noticed a little camera on top of my helmet if you have seen me in Nottingham over the last few days. With the high price tag for the likes of a gopro I have been looking at cheaper options and came accross the SJ4000. You can pick one up for around £45 and has a simular specification to the GoPro along with sharing the mount system so accesories are easy to get hold of.

Looking into this product I couldnt really find much kayaking footage to see how it performs in 'Low Light' and after taking the plunge and getting one, I thought I would share with you a short video to help you concider this option if you too dont have the spare cash for the range topper GoPro.

With a viewing screen that allows you to review your footage on the go and Full HD 1080p video, I have to say I am really impressed with it!