The Sky Caves in Nepal

Along the Annuapurna Circuit Trek you wll find these caves along the Kali Gandaki River Gorge in the Upper Manang Region. Some as high as 155ft above the river bed these caves are often refered to as the Sky Caves.
There are thousands of them along the gorge walls and there is still a lot of mystery about the caves but the locals we have met tell us how that many of the caves are connected with a network of hallways and vertical shafts with some colonies spreading over 100's of square merters.
They are beilived to have first been carved out for human burial around 3,000 years ago but were later used and further built for living within in times of warefare with the high level of inaccesbility providing extra saftey. Eventualy the caves were vacated as buildings developed although there is still mystery about how and if the caves are still inhabited today.
They tell us how the caves were a place for worship and religious retreat and are seen as a sacred place now being home to Bddist Gods, Goddesses and Spirits.

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