How to replace 1.6 TDCI / HDI Fuel Filter and bleed DIY

So after having previously changed my fuel filter on my 2009 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI and finding there is no manual bleed, and being a full canister swap as apposed to a straight forward gravity fed filter change I had an air lock in the system and thus had the none start issue it appears so many of you are facing with DIY filter changes.

My Father being an ex mechanic I've learned some along the way and devised a cost effective alternative to the official equipment used by Ford in the dealership garages and put together this tutorial video to help those who are struggling with this issue.

The filter comes in a canister and is not separate so is pricey (around £40 from none dealer ) but all you will need is a 8mm socket set, a one way valve bulb, a link to which is provided in the video details, and some clear tube.