Up & Down Under

As some of you might know I've been battling with a back indury for some time and after things took a turn for the worse last year I've barely been in a boat.  My passion for competition is still in mind but  my focus will first be to fully recover before putting my body through any paces.

With that in mind I've taken the opportunity to explore some of the world without paddling being the focus and landed in Australia to see if the grass really is greener on the otherside.

I arrived in Perth in early January and embarked on a road trip along the south coast before heading north with Brisbane the final destination.

Stay tuned to see what I've been getting up to down under.

Adidas SickLine 2015

It was such an honor to take part in the 2015 Adidas Sick Line Extreme Kayaking World Championships. With maximum entry capacity reached in both the men and women's category's the team did a great job in organizing and running things as smooth and safely like they always do.

Coming into the race I had one mission and that was to go one better than last year and make it into the finals. With the start line packed with some of the worlds fastest paddlers it was never going to be an easy challenge.

The qualification course includes a one minute or so flat water sprint which was always going to be the crux of my goal. Despite being a few seconds closer to the fastest time set than last year, I finished up in 68th place, 20 down from the cut for the quarter finals.

With my racing complete I got to watch the top boys and girls crushing the lines in the finals. There was a lot of exciting action and so much inspiration seeing Gerd Serrasolses nailing every run taking the win in every round and deservedly being crowned 2015 World Champion.

It was also super moving to watch David Bain take second place with some really sweet paddling stepping up onto the podium just ahead of 3 time World Champion Sam Sutton in 3rd.

This year saw a championship format for in the women's category with 25 women on the start line. An awesome job from Mariann Saether for taking the title ahead of Jenny Chrimes and Alona Buslaieva, some really awesome runs and tight racing all round.

Getting The 9R wet on the Wellerbrücke

So its time been a while since I've been on proper white water and I was super excited get the Pyranha 9R wet. I received my brand new set of Lettmann Paddles and had them set up ready for action before our monster journey.

Here's one of my training runs Wellerbrücke rapids that will be hosting the 2015 Adidas SickLine World Championships in just a few days time. The levels are low which is making things tricky with a few different lines to choose from.

It feels so good to be back on the water keeping warm and dry in my Nookie Paddle sports gear. A big thanks to AdventureX too for their support in making it possible for me to be here.