Adidas Sickline

It was a long Journey to one of my favourite locations on the Planet, the Otztal Region. It is a place of natural beauty. Clean air, Mountainous scenery that refreshes the mind and soul.
I traveled out with my girlfriend who took a stint at the wheel to help with the drive. When we arrived the river levels were a little higher than last years race level which was making for some interesting spectating with lot of people getting a working in the rapids.
The AdventureX Team Head Honcho Ben Mason came out with the new Team Bus and a couple of UK ambassadors to watch and support me at the event.
  The Rules and Regulations were tightened this year to make keep everyone safe on the class 5/6 rapids so the next stop was kit check and Race Briefing at the Saal EZ Center.

  The river level was perfect for and after a few practice runs I was feeling good on the water. Feeling really comfortable in my new Cag from Nookie Paddling Gear and well fitted in the new Burn from Pyranha and with my new Helemt from Robinhood Watersports all glistening in the Autumn sunshine It was time for the racing to begin.
138 of the World’s Best White Water Kayakers competed in the qualifications. This consisted of two runs. The times of the two runs are then added together and the lowest 48 totals move on to the Finals.
My Lines were good on the top and fitness was getting the better of me towards the end of the qualification run and I took a few hits in some of the features. However my runs were consistently good and put me through to the Semi Finals

The Finals work on a head to head system whereby two competitors will race one after another and the fastest will progress to the next round. I was up against fellow British Paddler David Bain. He went before me and posted a very respectable time which was going to be hard to beat. I was on form for a quick time too with some good lines on the top, however I clipped a rock after the TNT Rapid and took the Champions Killer minus 1 whole central and found myself at the bottom of the river. I was down for some time and clashed with a rock losing my kayak in the process.Fortunately with the river being on a class 5/6 rapid the event have the worlds best rescue team on standby who are sponsored by Hf. A big thank you to them as well for their quick and effective response in my rescue.On the brigh tside it gave me the chance to really test out the Flotation support of the Nookie River Monster PFD Jacket which did the job well, and the protection from the ice melt river water from Nookies Dry Cag and Dry Trouser Combo was fantastic.
So A big thanks to the Adidas Sickline Team who put on another amazing event, and to Nookie Robinhood Water Sports and the Hf Rescue Team for their Life saving gear and rescue aid!
I hope to come back next year and go a just a little further.
We stopped off in Munich on the way home for the last day of the famous German festival Oktoberfest. It was an amazing experience with thousands of people in huge marque tents celebrating life with beer at the ready. Barrels and barrels of the stuff. It was good to relax with the Team and rewind after the race.