Cardiff Premier

No rest for the wicked. A long drive home, throw on a wash, cook up some lunch and I’m back on the road. Next stop Cardiff. It was a little strange getting back into a Slalom boat after spending some time in a plastic river runner in Austria but it a quick warm up and it was show time.
I took a calm approach to my first run paddling smooth and clean placing in 7th. The course had some tricky parts which had caught a few people out so it was again a case of all or nothing on second runs. I hit one of the plastic bollards that create the waves and features of the artificial river, and put a nice big crack in my boat. With the impact I got push onto the right of pole of gate 2 giving me a 2 second penalty to add to a mostly tidy run with a little line chasing towards the bottom losing a few vital seconds. I dropped to 11th in the final result.
My Next race will be in London for the last race of the season Premier Race 11 and British Open.  My aim for the event will be to break into the top 10 and gain a wild card for GBR Senior Team Selection in 2014