Recovery and Repairs

I have been super busy over the last month or so after my father was involved in a road traffic collision leading to my attention being focused on helping him through the recovery and also preparing his house for his return from hospital putting my skills and the tools to the test... 

The builders of the house had been lazy and some repairs needed to be carried out which has been a bit of a challenge having little knowledge in the world of buildings. I have learned a lot as I’ve being going along and really proud of my work. 

I had to take up all the floor boards to repair a burst heating pipe which was the shocking result of no insulation around them when the house was built. 

The damage meant the floor needed replacing in parts and there was also some structural repairs necessary to be carried out while the floor was up both upstairs and down.  

 It was then time to get some new underlay and carpets down before getting some overdue cleaning done. 

My father had still not unpacked everything from when he had moved in and boxes of stuff became tables for piling the huge amounts of paper work he needed to work through but has never quite got round to it. Everything was a bit of a mess but with the ongoing care he will now be needed I can help him keep on top of everything after all this effort to get things ship shape.

It’s been an epic and hectic time getting everything done but now I can finally relax a little and get myself sorted before heading out to Nepal with AdventureX for some exciting adventures. More to come on that soon so check back and see what I’ll be getting up too.