AdventureX Flights to Nepal Booked & Battle Oats Fuel in the Tank

So with all the DIY work out of the way, its time to prepare for my next adventure

My flights are booked and next Wednesday I will be heading out to Nepal with AdventureX to run a 15 day Kayak School on the rivers that wind through he breath taking Himalayas. I'm really looking forward to meeting the group and catching up with the Nepalese guys I have missed dearly since my last adventure in Nepal

Fancy giving it a go? You can join me on this trip or book on the next with AdventureX and learn how to kayak in one of the most beautiful and amazing places on earth. Check out the AdventureX website for more details: AdventureX Kayak School Nepal

After I return to Katmandu I will be embarking on a Trek which is going to be new territory for me and I'm really getting excited for the experience. I will be on foot for 8 days Trekking through the Himalayas before heading back to catch my return flight to the UK.

I have for sometime been searching for a wholesome snack that I can keep in my backpack that will keep me going through the day and stay fresh on multi-day trips and I have finally found the answer. 

Battle Oats are all natural high protein bars from They are delicious and packed with all the goodness you can ask for in a snack and come in two delicious flavors. After being so impressed with them today, I will be taking a box to Nepal to keep my energy levels topped up  as I take to the river and trek up the mountains for many days at a time.